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Every Month is a New Adventure!

Over the past few years we’ve been eating and cooking with our refugee friends, and have now taken those experiences to create the My Ethnic Table Cooking for Refugees Calendar. Inspired by the culinary traditions of people around the world, the calendar features 12 delicious recipes to help you cook amazing food and deepen your understanding of the refugee situation around the world.

Excellent Recipes

12 authentic, simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are tried and tested in our kitchens, and tailored for the home chef to produce great results.

Beautiful Images

Full-color high-resolution photographs of every dish to delight your eyes and prepare your tastebuds for a feast.

Premium Paper

Printed on thick 350 GSM art-quality coated cardstock makes images come to life and is tough enough to easily last the whole year and beyond.

In-Depth Information

Compelling infographics with official facts, figures and information about the global refugee crisis and the Nations of Refuge.

The Perfect Size

Unique 8″ x 14″ size with durable wire binding allows you to hang it anywhere, and still have room to keep track of special days.

More Than a Calendar

The calendar is a great tool for anyone who needs to keep track of their life, and wants to experience the culinary traditions from around the world.

Help Refugees Recover & Thrive

Every calendar that is sold helps support programs that engage refugees through projects aimed at helping them recover from forced displacement.


Love ethnic food? The calendar contains 12 mouth-watering ethnic recipes from countries around the world that are sure to make your taste buds shout with delight. We have developed each recipe to make it healthy, easy to cook and sure to please everyone around the dinner table. Grab and discover your inner chef!


We love great food, but our motivation for this calendar is to raise awareness and help forcibly displace people recover and thrive. All profit from the sale of these calendars goes to programs that help refugees thrive. In addition to directly engaging refugees ourselves. We also have some amazing partners who are making a big impact with forcibly displaced people. Your contribution provides the means for us to support this effort directly and by providing program grant opportunities to others who assist refugees.


Understanding the refugees situation is one of the most important steps to making an impact for good in the live of forcibly displaced people. The very first page of the calendar features a compelling infographic that highlight the situation around the world with a special emphasis on the role of host nations. Afterwards, each month features statistics, facts and country specific situation reports that serve as a great tool for thought, discussion and motivation to get involved.

If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach… you better believe we’re going to get there!

We love to cook, but we want to do more that.

There are 70.8 million forcibly displaced children, women and men in the world – the highest number ever recorded. That’s 1 in every 108 people alive today. Another 37,000 people are uprooted every day. This is the largest global humanitarian crisis in hundreds of years.

Our goal is to raise awareness of forcibly displaced people and to find opportunities to serve refugees where they are. Our team at My Ethnic Table creates and publishes an annual benefit cooking calendar to raise awareness and funds that allow us to reach out to communities directly. As we encounter people, we focus on three areas:

  • ENGAGE: Often the hardest part of life for a refugee is regaining a sense of place. We engage people to help them belong in their new community.
  • ELEVATE: We invest in people on a personal level by spending time together and reminding them of their worth.
  • EMPOWER: Starting over is hard. We want to help refugees with the cultural, financial and workplace tools to succeed.

We never would have imaged that ordinary every-day activities like cooking and sharing a meal could change lives, but something special happens when we gather around a table to share a meal. It draws people together. It is a time of connection. It builds bridges between strangers. It renews us physically and spiritually.


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